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3D LED Flex 40 IP66

Modular, 3D flexible LED exterior linear lighting system
One of the early developments of the 3D LED Flex 40 system was an exterior IP66 rated version so that the same system can be used to light both interior and exterior projects. The system has also been used to light pools and hammams where high humidity would cause problems for an IP20 rated system.

The most popular elliptical optic version has been used to graze domes, curved roof surfaces and facades. The 4” (100mm) module allows the system to be tailored to fit any building size and shape.

The system can be run at up to 15 Watts per ft (50 Watts per mtr) and provides over 1,500 lumens per ft (5,000 lumens per mtr). With many options for LED light engines,optics, mounting brackets and anti-glare accessories the system can be configured for each project.

A thermal control system is used in high ambient conditions to keep the LEDs working at an optimum temperature.