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2016 Heartbeat, Salford Quays, UK

Lighting design by GNI projects

‘Hearbeat’ is an interactive light art installation involving suspended aluminium rods which form a heart shape if viewed from a certain angle. The rods are lit by 3D LED Flex 40 strips and D100 Spotlights. The heart shape illuminates when viewers link hands and complete the circuit, triggering the lighting equipment. There are also suspended rods which resemble an ECG heart rate monitor, lit by the 3D LED Flex 40 strips with a custom, dynamic DMX sequence.

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3D LED Flex 40 IP66 system

Each module is individually addressable via DMX, and contains 4 x Luxeon Z red LEDs, an ultra-narrow beam Gaggione lens and custom height anti-glare snoot
D 100 IP20