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Sandvikslykta, Norway

Lighting design and luminaire design by Zenisk Photography by Tomasz Majewski, Fovea Studio

Radiant’s Water Effect Lights have been used to great effect, housed within the bespoke luminaires at the Sandvika river promenade development in Bærum, in Oslo.

Each fixture comprises a custom light engine with a matrix of LEDs of varying colour temperatures and an integral DMX controller. The DMX controller is programmed to produce a custom dynamic program of light intensity for the LEDs - creating a lit effect reminiscent of a gently flickering lantern

The dynamic lit effect is captured within the custom pieces of decorative crystal-glass made by local glass makers, Hadeland Glassverk

The Sandviksykta project luminaires won the Nordic Lighting Design Award in the category of best special product for a project in 2020


Water Effect Light

DMX controlled, dynamic LED feature light IP 20 and IP 65

This product is not currently available in the United States
D 100 IP20