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3D LED Flex 100 IP66

Modular, 3D flexible LED exterior linear lighting system

The Radiant 3D LED Flex 100 system IP66 has been developed for use in a wide variety of exterior architectural lighting projects requiring cove lighting and wall wash lighting where the building surfaces are non-linear with curved profiles, including columns, domes and curved facades.
The patented articulated joint system allows the individual modules to be bent and twisted in three dimensions to follow complex building contours while maintaining a 1” (25 mm) spacing between LEDs, thus ensuring continuous lit effects without shadows or dark areas. Each LED heat sink module can operate up to 10 Watts providing a light output of over 2,600 lumens per ft (8,700 lumens per mtr).
Integrated LV DC to DC constant current drivers allow long runs to be powered from a single remote power supply.
A digital thermal control feedback system ensures that the LEDs work at an optimal temperature even in high ambients.
Either Low iron UV block glass covers or hard coated UV stable polycarbonate windows can be specified depending on the application area. For projects with high levels of sunlight and sand abrasion the glass windows should be used and for areas subject to vandalism the polycarbonate windows are more suitable. The system is available in custom lengths based on a nominal 4” (100 mm) module length up to 8.3’ (2.5 mtrs).
Satin black, satin white or any RAL paint colour finish can be specified.
The system incorporates a separate dimming channel and a wide range of dimming options are available including 1-10V, DMX and DALI.
The 3D LED Flex range is modular and the various components can be assembled together in different combinations to meet project requirements.
A wide range of LED light engine, reflector and lens options are available, including RGB, RGBW, and dynamic white LED.
Components such as anti-glare snoots or brackets can be customized for each project.

The 3D LED Flex 100 System IP66 has been awarded best exterior product at the Light Middle East Awards and the Darc Awards in 2018, and was shortlisted for the Lighting Design Awards in 2019.

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